About us
Divari Yialova S.A. took over the management of the lagoon by public tender with the aim to develop quality fisheries through sustainable and non-invasive fishing practices. The ultimate goal of the company is to ensure the lagoon becomes a model fishing destination. Lagoons in Greece have been fished since ancient times. Similarly, the specialised staff at Yialova fish in the lagoon on an almost daily basis and channel the production to wholesalers in the local, national and international markets.

Moreover, Yialova Lagoon is the first lagoon in Greece to offer fishing tourism services. The aim is to revive the lagoon through sustainable state-of-the-art practices, offering its visitors the option to keep only one fish and to return the rest to the water in accordance with the catch and release conservation strategy (some may opt to release all the fish, of course) – with the objective to restore and strengthen the fish population.

Visitors, fishermen and hikers will have the opportunity to enjoy birdwatching, that is to observe rare bird species in their natural habitat. In addition, Yialova Lagoon will provide a bird species identification manual, binoculars and tips on how to be more effective and above all, how to exercise discretion as they delve into the magical world of birds.