Fishing Tourism – Recreational fishing

Communing with nature, the magic of discovery, the extent of its wealth and its healing power are all a tangible reality in the paradise named Yialova.

The area can be explored slowly and the enjoyment is constant, whether one is fishing or not. It is for this very reason that Yialova Lagoon is an ideal locale for groups of friends, families but also for individuals wishing to escape into their favourite hobby.

Fishing methods are very important in order to respect all forms of life. At Yialova Lagoon, all actions are taken with the aim to protect the environment and ensure sustainability, adopting the environmental aspect of fishing and fulfilling the beliefs of ichthyologists in the best possible way. “Lagoons have been fished since ancient times and they must continue to be fished because it is in this way that they are renewed,” asserts Ioannis Leonardos, Professor of Animal Biology specialised in Ichthyology at the Department of Biological Applications and Technology of the University of Ioannina.

Lagoon fishing

Visitors will employ the catch and release method, where the fish is not injured and is returned to the water, for the majority of the fish caught.

However, visitors have the possibility to keep a single fish if they wish, and prepare and cook it on the BBQs available on site.

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Open sea fishing

Fishing on the open sea is an extraordinary experience in the incredible waters of the Navarino Sea. Yialova Lagoon offers a well-equipped fishing speedboat, with trained professional fishermen specialised in open sea fishing, and all the necessary knowledge to ensure success for experienced and inexperienced fishermen alike.
Basic amenities include: fishing equipment, snacks, juices and still and sparkling water. Visitors will be able to try many different types of fishing methods, depending on the desired fish. I. Vertical techniques (for specimen fishing (grouper, snapper, amberjack) 1. Jigging, inchiku 2. Soft baits (silicones) II. Bottom fishing (vertical) and sabiki for small fish III. Light trolling for medium pelagic fish such as small tuna and barracuda.

Fishermen are permitted to keep 3 kilos of fresh fish from their catch to enjoy with their loved ones, either at the facilities offered at Yialova Lagoon or off site.

Hours of operation:
1.5 hours: from morning to 14:00 and in the afternoon until sunset
2. Full day session

Children over the age of 10 are permitted, provided they are supervised by an adult who is not fishing.

Maximum number of passengers on fishing tour: three or four people can fish at the same time depending on their level of expertise, but everyone will have the opportunity to experience the magic of fishing and learn the different techniques during the tour.

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, windproof jacket and suitable shoes are required. At Yialova Lagoon, we trust that visitors share our love of the sea – and we must respect it by keeping it clean and taking only what we need from it.

Gastronomic Visitors

The majority of fish caught by visitors is through the catch and release method, where the fish is not injured and released back into the water.

However, for those who prefer to keep one fish (just one), Yialova is pleased to offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience:

Tour visitors

Professional fishing/ Wholesale Fish Sales

Professional fishing is carried out at the lagoon from July to February with fish traps. Production is limited to ensure the viability of the species. Special emphasis is given to meeting the fresh fish needs of the local community. The marketable species of Yialova Lagoon include sea bream, sea bass, eel, blue crab and the mullet, which produces widely used fish roe.